Custom Canoes

We will personally handcraft a canoe for you. Please look around our web site. We can email you photos of past work and designs. We currently have plans for several different tandom canoes and three solo canoes. Let us know what type of paddling you do for us to help you choose a design for you. If you have found a model you like and can get plans, we will be happy to build it for you. We also have two different plans for 12' display solo canoes and one plan for a 6' display canoe. Models we currenly have on hand can be purchesed at our web site at where we can accept credit cards:


Our goal is to get your canoe to you the best way possible for you. Options will be discused at time of ordering. Due to shipping cost & container cost at this time we are serious about bringing your canoe to you in any of the lower 48 states.

Privacy Policy

Your information is yours, not ours. Period! We will not release any information, about anyone, to anyone, for any reason. Period! (Well accept if the long arm of the law is asking.)