Zapf Legacy Canoes

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We have chosen our name after much thought on our business. In the mid 1960's, when I was around four years old, my father started building wood-strip canoes. I grew up with our family building these beautiful redwood and cedar canoes. Today my wife and I carry on this family tradition. My father passed onto us something we take great pride in. The third generation, our daughters, have grown up as I did learning this craft. And yes, Grandpa was there to help pass on this legacy of canoe building... a Zapf Legacy.

Wood strip canoes and paddle boards have a look and feel of their own. Let us create one for you that will enhance any room or paddling experience. Each is hand crafted to create a one of a kind. For your canoe we have created designs that are inlayed in the side piece by piece. We feel the bottom of the canoe should not be left out and can inlay or overlay a design we work with you to create. A paddle board’s surface offers a canvas to also create something special for you. All designs are of natural wood, no dyes or stains are used. We bring strength to your canoe or paddle board through clear coat epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth. There is nothing like a wood strip canoe or paddle board, come explore our web site and experience their timeless beauty.


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2013 Emerging Individual Artist Award
McKnight Foundation and Central MN Arts Board

1st Place (2019), 3rd Place (2013)
Millstream Arts Festival

Proudly Handcrafted in the USA as a
US Coast Guard Registered Manufacturer